Est-ce qu'au McDo en Israël et dans les pays musulmans, le CBO s'appelle CO ?

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  • KadKad
  • Le 12/06/2018
Pas compris...
Moi non plus alors je cherche:

CBO Congressional Budget Office
CBO Community-Based Organization
CBO Cost Based Optimizer
CBO Collateralized Bond Obligation
CBO Central Bank of Oman
CBO Companhia Brasileira de Offshore
CBO Chief Brand Officer (corporate title)
CBO Cotabato, Philippines (Airport Code)
CBO Combined Bomber Offensive
CBO Certified Building Official
CBO Chief Business Official
CBO Community Based Order
CBO Coupling Between Object Classes
CBO Casablanca Orchestra (Minneapolis, MN)
CBO Chief Banking Officer (corporate title)
CBO Cross Border Operation
CBO Carbon Black Oil
CBO Canadian Banking Ombudsman
CBO Chicken Bacon Oignons (French McDonald's sandwich)
CBO Combined Business Office
CBO Conduction Band Offset (semiconductor property)
CBO Continuous Bit-Stream Oriented
CBO Club Badminton Orchies (French: Orchies Badminton Club; Orchies, France)
CBO Concept Bijoux Or (French: Gold Jewelry Design; La Chapelle-sur-Erdre, France)
CBO Chief Brokerage Officer (corporate title)
CBO Commercial Back Office (various companies)
CBO Air Post Semipostal-Official (Scott Catalogue prefix; philately)
CBO Centraal Begeleidings Orgaan voor de Intercollegiale Toetsing (Dutch)
CBO Control Board Operator
CBO Context Bound Object (.net/c# programming)
CBO Computer Burst Order
CBO Coulomb Blockade Oscillations
CBO Club de Badminton d'Oberhausbergen (French: Oberhausbergen Badminton Club; Oberhausbergen, France)
CBO Career Broadening Objectives
CBO Corrected Born-Oppenheimer
CBO Consumption Based Ordering
CBO Collar Bone On (fish processing)
CBO Commodity Business Operations
CBO Chief Branch Officer (corporate title)
CBO Complaint Board Operator (call taker)
CBO Collège de Bois d'Olive (French: Olive Wood College; Territorial Collectivity of Saint Pierre and Miquelon)
CBO Centre de Bilan et d'Orientation (French: Center for Assessment and Orientation)
CBO Confirmation of Broadcast Order
CBO Central Briefing Office
CBO Centre for Business Optimization (IBM)
CBO Command Bridge Operations
CBO Change in Beneficial Owner
CBO Citizen Based Organisation
CBO Civic Brotherhood Organization
CBO Creating Business Opportunities (various organizations)
CBO Cellobiose Oxidase (enzyme)


CO Company
CO Central Office (telecommunications/telephony)
CO Colorado (US postal abbreviation)
CO Commanding Officer
CO Carbon Monoxide
CO Call-Out
CO Change Order
CO Course
CO Cash Out (mortgage refinancing)
CO County
CO Conference
CO Current Operations
CO Chief Officer
CO Checkout
CO Command
CO Cabinet Office
CO Como (Lombardia, Italy)
CO Controlling
CO Certificate of Origin
CO Community Organizer (Philippines)
CO Compliance
CO Chill Out
CO Connection Oriented
CO Combat (game, Natural Selection)
CO Cellular One
CO Complain Of
CO crude oil
CO Charlotte Observer (newspaper)
CO Cardiac Output
CO Cobalt
CO Colchester (postcode, United Kingdom)
CO Certificate of Occupancy
CO Conan O'Brien
CO Correctional Officer
CO Castor Oil
CO Colonial Office (UK)
CO Cargo Operations
CO Commissioned Officer
CO Compliance Order
CO Captain Obvious
CO Cutoff
CO Chinese Orchestra
CO Compañía (Spanish)
Co Cornish (linguistics)
CO Correction Officer
CO Clean Out (sewers/drains)
CO Combinatorial Optimization (workshop)
CO Cash Order
CO Conscientious Objector
CO Corporación (Spanish)
CO Certifying Officer
CO Clothes Optional
CO Command Output
CO Clinical Officer (hospital)
CO Command Operations
CO Commitment to Perform (common feature; Capability Maturity Model Integration)
CO Chief Operator
CO Consoleone (Novell GUI)
CO Cargo Oil
CO Combinatorics and Optimization (field of pure mathematics)
CO Contracting Official
CO Convert Out
CO Consumer Ombudsman (UK)
CO Conservation Operations
CO Conseiller d'Orientation (French)
CO Case Operations
CO Certified Orthotist (ABC)
CO Columbia Orchestra (Ellicott City, MD)
CO Comitissa (Latin: Countess, Codices And Manuscripts)
CO Custodial Officer
CO Constraint Oriented
CO Coastal Chart
CO Circuit Overseer (Jehovah's Witnesses)
CO Caucasian Ovtcharka (dog breed)
CO Command Outpost
CO Captive Office (Nortel)
CO Consolidated Obligation
CO Air Post Official (Scott Catalogue prefix; philately)
CO Ciceronian Oration
CO Congregation of the Oratory, Oratorians (religious order)
CO Combat Aptitude Area
CO Comercializadora de Occidente SA (Guatemala)
CO Collection Officer
CO Consent Order
CO Community Outreach
CO Circle Officer (India)
CO Colombia
CO Clerical Officer (obsolete, now AO)
CO Contracting Officer
CO Core Operation(s)
CO Communications Officer
CO Compliance Officer
CO Clinical Operations
CO Colton (blood group)
CO Covert Operations (gaming)
CO Continental Airlines (airline code)
J'avance l'hypothèse que ça serait à cause du bacon que c'est défendu d'en manger.
C'est dans ta liste, Boufi.

CBO Chicken Bacon Oignons (French McDonald's sandwich)
Toi en tout cas dans tous les pays tu restes CON

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